Agenda for August 15, 2017 ALTO board teleconference.

  1. Review action items. [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Report on ALTO version 3.2, the ALTO XML schema README and what must be added to it for verions 3.2, and its CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Review of what remains to be done. [Joachim leads discussion.]
  3. Report and review integration of ALTO with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) isssue 45. [Jean Philippe and Clemens lead discussion]
  4. Review registration of MIME type for ALTO. See issue 40. [Jean Philippe or Clemens lead discussion.]

View all open action items here.

Attending members

Yves Maurer (National Library of Luxembourg) attended as a participating observer.


Board action items reviewed.

Joachim walked us through the text of the ALTO schema version 3.2 README file and of the Creative Commons license. We discussed and made minor changes. You can review the version 3.2 draft schema here. We also revised and polished the README file for version 3.2, but I cannot find it in the github repository. Perhaps someone else can point it out?

We reviewed and revised the IETF RFC for an ALTO MIME type. Except for missing board member names (Jukka, Nate, Brian, Raju, Siang Hock), we believe it is ready to submit to IETF. You can review the RFC as a Google gdoc here. If you are one of the board members who has not yet put your name to the RFC, please do so before the board meeting.

The meeting adjourned to the Saxon State and University Library reception for the IFLA News Media satellite meeting at Carola Schlösschen.