Agenda for August 2, 2017 ALTO board teleconference.

  1. Review action items. [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Choose next open issue(s) for focus. See open isssues. [Frederick leads discussion. ALL participate!]
  3. Revisit (quickly) the face-to-face board meeting plans for the IFLA News Media satellite meeting in Dresden. [Frederick leads discussion]
  4. Report on ALTO version 3.2, the ALTO XML schema README and what must be added to it for verions 3.2, and its CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. Review of what remains to be done. [Joachim leads discussion.]
  5. Report (if needed) on integration of ALTO with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) isssue 45. [Jean Philippe and Clemens lead discussion]
  6. Review registration of MIME type for ALTO. See issue 40. [Jean Philippe or Clemens lead discussion.]
  7. Report on progress with processing history change requests. See issue 39. [Clemens leads discussion]

View all open action items here.

Attending members


Board action items reviewed.

More to be added ...