Agenda for June 24, 2015 ALTO board teleconference.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Review proposal for board membership terms and criteria and recruiting new members. [Jukka and Frederick lead discussion]
  3. Review resolution of Shape change request (issue 22). (See comments to issue 22 for discussion.) [Evelien leads (brief) discussion.]
  4. Continue discussion of Glyphs change request (issue 26). (See item 10 in minutes from London face-to-face meeting) [Joachim leads discussion.]

View all open action items here.

Attending members


Frederick says that there is not a quorum for discussion of the 2nd agenda item "board membership terms and criteria and recruiting new members." Discussion of this agenda item is postponed until the next board meeting.

Evelien has updated the 3.0 schema for the changes discussed in past meetings for issue 22; Evelien has (attempted) to create schema version 3.1 but had difficulty with Github doing this properly. Discussion on the use of Github to manage versions and branches ensued.

Evelien hasn't yet finished the use cases and documentation for issue 22.

Evelien had procedural difficulties with this change. In the previous board meeting we decided to introduce a "VOTING" state (label). The state changes for an issue which is submitted to the board and finally published by the board are :

voting is new (added by Frederick following the discussion of the June 3, 2015, board meeting.)

Evelien will change the state of issue 22 from "accepted" to "voting" when she has finished the documentation and use cases.

Although Joachim is prepared to discuss it and since there are not so many board members are attending this meeting, discussion of issue 26 will be postponed until the next meeting by unanimous consent.

In response to Joachim's request about the next face-to-face board meeting, Frederick said that both DLF and iPRES have agreed to host the meeting. Most board members prefer to meet at iPRES.