Agenda for April 8, 2015 ALTO board teleconference.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Decide on location for ALTO board face-to-face meeting [Frederick leads discussion]
  3. Continue discussion of Shape change request (issue 22). (See item 10 in minutes from London face-to-face meeting) [Evelien and Jean Philippe lead discussion.]
  4. Continue discussion of Glyphs change request (issue 26). (See item 10 in minutes from London face-to-face meeting) [Joachim leads discussion.]
  5. Review organization and use of Github for the benefit of infrequent attenders. [Frederick leads discussion]

View all open action items here.

Attending members


Frederick reviewed action items and the wiki for the ALTOXML board repository. Frederick uploaded webex recording from last board meeting to github; he asks attending board members if this is Ok. The recordings are useful if someone shows diagrams. However not everyone may want their desktop shown to the world.

Short discussion about old documents on PBworks. Evelien mentions that an unused repository will eventually be deleted. [Action item] Frederick will find out how long PBworks will keep the old board documents before they are deleted.

Frederick says that the top 2 candidates for a board face-to-face meeting are iPres 2015 in Chapel Hill NC and DLF 2015 in Vancouver BC. Jean Philippe mentions that the METS board plans a workshop and a board meeting at iPres. Since Jukka, Jean Philippe, Markus, and Nate are members of the METS board and the ALTO board, it seems best to have a face-to-face meeting at iPres. [Action item] Frederick will ask the iPres and DLF organizers if it will be possible to have a face-to-face meeting before or after iPres and DLF.

Jean Philippe and Evelien lead discussion shape change and text direction (items 22 and 18) after Frederick summarizes the previous discussions about this.

The ensuing discussion has a lot detail and diagrams. Best that you listen to the webex recording. You can find the webex recording (20120523 ALTO Board Meeting.arf) on a shared Google drive at [URL TBD].

[Action item] Jean Philippe will write a more complete description of the issues around text direction and will pester Siang Hock for text direction examples from Chinese.