Agenda for December 11, 2014 ALTO board teleconference.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Discuss release of ALTO schema v3.0. Review comments received about schema v3.0 (if any) including the recent question from Lars Svensson (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek). [Everyone]
  3. Report on September 10 ALTO editorial board face-to-face meeting in London: Agenda and summary of items discussed. [Markus leads discussion]
  4. Review Github directory structure: Create a repository for general questions (such as the one from Lars Svensson) about ALTO? [Frederick leads discussion]
  5. Review migration from PBWorks to Github. It appears that all issues have been transferred to Gibhub. Discussion? [Frederick leads discussion]
  6. Brief report on effort to recruit new board members. Question for Siang Hock: Can you represent Asian languages (instead of recruiting a new board member for this)? [Frederick leads discussion]
  7. Reminder to send URLs to digital collections which use ALTO XML to Nate so that he can update the use case examples at ALTO Implementers [Frederick harangues everyone]

Action items

Attending members


Review action items. All done except for last 5 items. No board member recruit from Asian language country. Siang Hock is familiar with 1 or 2 Asian languages; he will do his best to handle Asian language questions. Brian hasn't started ALTO tools page yet; tools page will go on Github and could also go on LOC ALTO web page.

No feedback received about ALTO 3.0. KB successfully implemented ALTO V2.1, but, because of confusion about backward compatibility if ALTO v2.1, it will implement v3.0. Harvard Law Library has a pilot project for which it will use v3.0. Evelien reports that the Austrian National Library is developing a tool called Structify.

Jukka summarizes what happened at the London face-to-face ALTO board meeting. (Frederick transcribed Markus's minutes into September 25, 2014 ALTO board minutes.)

Jukka suggested creating milestones for action itmes. Frederick agrees with Jukka's suggestions. A milestone can have only 1 owner which differs from how action items are presently used. Jukka suggests we create a label for each board member and attach these labels to miletsone / action items. Create a milestone for each board meeting. All attending board members agree that action items would be best tracked by milestones.

London board meeting suggests that all PBWorks minutes, etc, should be moved go Github. Frederick asks if this is worthwhile. Evelien thinks that moving PBWorks to Github should be done. Frederick will start moving stuff from PBWorks to Github and implement milestones for action items. Siang Hock suggest creating a .zip file of everything on PBWorks and depositing it in Github.

Agenda item 4: Summary of London discussion of glyphs change request. Suggestions for changes to change request are summarized in September 25, 2014, minutes. Other board members opinions about glyph change request solicited. Jo is owner of this change request but is not in attendance. Further discussion of glyph change request will be postponed until next meeting.

Agenda item 5: Evelien is owner. She has created tag use cases and tried to create code samples for same. Evelien has done the same for shape use case. Evelien has several examples to illustrate. According to Siang Hock, Chinese, especially older newspapers, often may have mixed text directions on the same page, for example, left to right, top to bottom with text lines read from right to left. Evelien thinks that rotation and polygons cannot be separated and should be considered together. Current ALTO spec says rotation is CCW or CW but spec doesn't say what is rotating. Further discussion is postponed until next meeting. Siang Hock will find use cases to illustrate text direction and rotation for Chinese. As an aside, Evelien proposes that we decide how we want to use the repository -- what kind of stuff should go into it.

Evelien will change files in so that tag and shape use cases can be browsed and viewed from browser in the same way as minutes and agenda.

3 change requests in submitted stage. Frederick asks if these 3 request should be moved from submitted to discussion. All agree to move 3 change requests from 'submitted' to 'discussion'. Siang Hock will become champion of

Agenda item 7: Organization of Github. As already discussed, action items should be milestones. Jukka proposes killing PBWorks. No volunteers to move PBWorks stuff to Github. Evelien suggests figuring out how to use Github and what's important from PBWorks.

Discussion of next ALTO board face-to-face meeting. What conferences to target for face-to-face meeting? LIBER, IFLA, DLF, JCDL, TPDL?