Minutes for July 3, 2014 ALTO board teleconference


  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Discuss Github issue 19 (https://github.com/altoxml/schema/issues/19) for inclusion in ALTO schema 2.2. [Jean Philippe leads discussion]
  3. Discuss release of ALTO schema v2.2 with named types to accommodate ALTO dialects and with embedded ALTO schema version. [Everyone]
  4. Review ALTO poster for IFLA WLIC Aug 18-19 in Lyon France. [Jean Philippe and Frederick lead discussion]
  5. ALTO editorial board face-to-face meeting: Where will it be? Most likely at WLIC 2014 (http://conference.ifla.org/ifla80) in Lyon (Aug 16-22). Less likely at the JCDL/TPDL Joint Conference (http://www.dl2014.org/) in London (Sep 8-12)? least likely at the DLF Forum (http://www.diglib.org/forums/2014forum/) in Atlanta, Georgia (Oct 27-29)? [Frederick leads discussion]
  6. Review migration from PBWorks to Github (see Action 2014-02-20 below). Jukka may demonstrate how to migrate open proposals from PBWorks to Github. [Frederick harangues everyone. Jukka demonstrates migration.]
  7. Overview of ResCarta toolkit (http://www.rescarta.org/). [Brian leads discussion.]
  8. Discuss creation of an ALTO Github website. See http://altoxml.github.io. [Frederick leads discussion]
  9. Reminder to send URLs to digital collections which use ALTO XML to Nate so that he can update the ALTO use case examples at http://www.loc.gov/standards/alto/community/implementers.php [Frederick harangues everyone]

Action items

Attending members


Discussion of ALTO poster for WLIC 2014. Jean Philippe need hi-resolution logos for CDNC and KB; Evelien and Brian agree to supply logos for the KB and CDNC. Need a hi-res logo from Finland. All other logos are Ok. Frederick reports that he submitted the ALTO poster to the 2014 DLF Forum in Atlanta, Georgia, Oct 27-29 2014.

Discussion of what remains to be done on ALTO schema version 2.2. Jean Philippe has already posted version 2.2 draft schema to github. Github issues to be resolved in version 2.2: Issue 15 (https://github.com/altoxml/schema/issues/15), Issue 19 (https://github.com/altoxml/schema/issues/19), Issue 24 (https://github.com/altoxml/schema/issues/24). Evelien remarks that use case 2 (schema change needed) and use case 3 (no schema change needed) would have been useful for an earlier KB project with ALTO. Issue 19 is a low risk change -- unlikely to break anything. Evelien asks if this would also be the place to refer to source documents. Nate thinks that either file identifier or document identifier is fine. Jukka agrees that use case 2, requiring a schema change, is Ok.

Jukka asks if there is a Github for the version attribute. He suggests creating a new issue for the version attribute and rejecting issue 17 (https://github.com/altoxml/schema/issues/17)

For ALTO version 2.1 we published changed schema on Github and on the Library of Congress ALTO webpages simultaneously. Jean Philippe will finish README document for version 2.2 by July 7. Nate will update Library of Congress's ALTO webpages on July 8. Frederick will send announcement of draft release to ALTO mailing list. Jukka and Jean Philippe will send README document for version 2.2 to the ALTO board for comment. Frederick will post it to the ALTO listserv.

Frederick says that the ALTO board can meet informally at WLIC 2014. Evelien, Jean Philippe, Evelien, Siang Hock, and Frederick will be at WLIC 2014. We must arrange an informal meeting place because IFLA will not / cannot arrange a formal meeting place. Evelien, Markus, Jukka, Nate, and Joachim will be at the Digital Libraries 2014 conference in London. Frederick will organize an agenda for WLIC 2014. Jukka will organize a meeting place and agenda for London.

Frederick asks if anyone had trouble migrating issues from PBWorks to Github. Not all issues have been migrated from PBWorks to Github. Nate, Evelien, and Jukka are of the opinion that closed issues do not need to be migrated from PBWorks to Github. Frederick says that he has begun publishing the minutes and agendas to the web using the mechanism provided by Github.

Nate reports that the URL for UT Austin example on the ALTO Implementer's page is dead. Frederick will ask someone at UT Austin to update the link.

Frederick reports that he contacted the fellow who made issue 12. He is at the National Diet Library of Japan; he says his English skills are not good enough but that he will contact someone whose English skills are good enough.