1. Welcome new Board Members. [All]
  2. Find and tell a non-offensive, maybe self-deprecating joke before the meeting begins and/or after it ends. [All]
  3. Review recent schema issues:
  4. Touch base on high priority schema issues. [All]
  5. Language Discussion:
    • Arabic OCR and Text Representation (Ahmed’s connection was lost at the last meeting so bringing this back) [Ahmed/Hany]
    • Challenges in the Digitization of Asian Textual Materials [Cally]
  6. Follow up on upcoming F2F meeting at DATeCH 2019.
    • Reaching out to Günter Mühlberger and his group at the University of Innsbruck [Clemens/Stefan]
    • Existing XML schemas for lattice structures - the ALPS example [Art]
    • Create Schema issue for use of ALTO for handwriting? [All]
  7. Other business. [All]
  8. Next meeting date - proposed: March 22, 2019 [All]