1. Welcome new Board Members. [All]
  2. Find and tell a non-offensive, maybe self-deprecating joke before the meeting begins and/or after it ends. [All]
  3. Arabic OCR and Text Representation: experiences and challenges - we had a great discussion on this topic at the f2f meeting in Las Vegas and I think it would be useful for the larger group. [All]
  4. Spring/Summer F2F Meeting Opportunities - the survey for this would/will normally go out in January but it would be useful to get a heads up on conferences/gatherings that should be in the list. [All]
  5. Review schema issues and other updates. [Art/Clemens/Jo]
  6. Planning for special meeting on handwriting support in ALTO [All] - following up on the suggestion at the 2018-07-26 ALTO Board Meeting that we should invite Günter Mühlberger and his group at the University of Innsbruck to meet with the Board about their work on handwriting.
  7. Addition of two new Board Members/expansion of Board. [Frederick]
  8. Other business. [All]
  9. Next meeting date. [All]