1. Find and tell a non-offensive, maybe self-deprecating joke before the meeting begins and/or after it ends. [All]
  2. Update on support for ruby characters. See issue 51. [Art/Frederick]
  3. GitHub Reorganization and Housekeeping. [Clemens & Others]
    • Status/migration of wiki – see
    • Process for schema changes
  4. Planning for F2F meeting (Oct. 14, DLF Forum in Las Vegas - see details below). [All]
  5. Champions for orphaned/unassigned open schema issues. [Art]
    • Identification of running title - Issue #50
    • Non Linear Hyphens - Issue #41
    • Draft a change proposal for “normalized” coordinates - Issue #38
    • OCR correction attributes: CS, ILLS, DBTS - Issue #21
    • Reading Order (IMPACT) - Issue #18
    • textBlock “writing-mode” proposal - Issue #12
  6. Results of vote for two new Board Members/expansion of Board. [All]

Additional Details for F2F Meeting:

M Resort Map - Conference Level - (PDF)

There is a the “group desk” is just to the left of Molise and Messina breakout rooms, and the boardroom is just a little farther to the lower-right in the map.

Board meeting room - M Resort Conference Level.