Draft agenda for December 02, 2015 ALTO board teleconference. If you have changes or additions, please email them to everyone as soon as possible.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Review proposed changes to ALTO Board Membership. See items in italics and marked [PROPOSED] on the ALTO Board Membership page. [Frederick leads discussion]
  3. Discuss new board member recruited by Jean Philippe. [Jean Philippe leads discussion]
  4. Decide when the schema changes necessary for Shape change request (issue 22) will be published. Will we combine it with some other (simple) issue? [Evelien leads (brief) discussion.]
  5. Summarize the face-to-face meeting discussion of the fragement identifier API for ALTO change request (issue 33). [Jean Philippe leads discussion.]
  6. Summarize the face-to-face meeting discussion and continue to discuss OCR confidence value change request (issue 23). [Jukka and Nate lead discussion.]
  7. Continue discussion of Glyphs change request (issue 26). (See item 10 in minutes from London face-to-face meeting) [Joachim leads discussion.]

View all open action items here.