Draft agenda for June 3, 2015 ALTO board teleconference. If you have changes or additions, please email them to everyone as soon as possible.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Re-announce location for ALTO board face-to-face meeting for board members who haven't been at the last meetings [Frederick leads discussion]
  3. Discuss board membership terms and criteria and recruiting new members. [Jukka and Frederick lead discussion]
  4. Review PBworks migration, Github use, and shared storage for large files. Review organization and use of Github for the benefit of infrequent attenders. [Frederick leads discussion]
  5. Merge issues 12, 18, and 22? These issues have overlapping elements inspired by our discussions of item 22. [All.]
  6. Continue discussion of Shape change request (issue 22). (See Evelien's summary of discussion so far.) [Evelien and Jean Philippe lead discussion.]
  7. Continue discussion of Glyphs change request (issue 26). (See item 10 in minutes from London face-to-face meeting) [Joachim leads discussion.]

View all open action items here.