Draft agenda for September 25, 2014 ALTO board teleconference. If you have changes or additions, please email them to everyone as soon as possible.

  1. Review action items [Frederick leads discussion]
  2. Discuss release of ALTO schema v3.0. Review comments received about schema v3.0 (if any) including the recent question from Lars Svensson (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek). [Everyone]
  3. Report on September 10 ALTO editorial board face-to-face meeting in London: Agenda and summary of items discussed. [Markus leads discussion]
  4. Review Github directory structure: Create a repository for general questions (such as the one from Lars Svensson) about ALTO? [Frederick leads discussion]
  5. Review migration from PBWorks to Github. It appears that all issues have been transferred to Gibhub. Discussion? [Frederick leads discussion]
  6. Brief report on effort to recruit new board members. Question for Siang Hock: Can you represent Asian languages (instead of recruiting a new board member for this)? [Frederick leads discussion]
  7. Reminder to send URLs to digital collections which use ALTO XML to Nate so that he can update the use case examples at ALTO Implementers [Frederick harangues everyone]

Action items